"Landlords Helping Landlords"
PO Box 11097, Albany, NY 12211-0097 Phone/Fax (518) 433-7377

June 2016 Monthly Meeting

Next Regular Meeting

7 PM Thurs, June 9th  @Best Western
1 4th St, Troy, NY 12180

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Questions: (518) 433-7377

We open with “Problem Solving” where we work to solve a member’s problem.
Next is “Speak Up” where each person has an opportunity to give a 30-second announcement, complaint, suggestion, commercial, anything as long as it’s no more than 30-seconds long.
15-minute refreshment break that follows provides an opportunity to network with people that speak “Landlording” as a second language.
Presentations, (of not more than half hour each), are next.

Featured Speakers:

Tom Kretzler, President of Albany Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service (a third generation local business founded in 1948) will present to the group at the June 9th meeting.  Tom will discuss requirements and best practices for portable fire extinguishers as they pertain to various residential structures.  Bring your questions!

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