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Members Property October 2012

  Owning in Troy has been great! The city is welcoming to landlords and our experience in the last five years have been nothing but positive. It is a gem in the Capital Region. Like the TV show Cheers everybody knows your name.   2140 5th Ave. in Troy was built in 1897 as a one family two-story...

June 2012 Member’s Property

Owner Bob McRae writes – “This month’s property shown on the cover is at 49 Elm, a prime block in the historic Mansion Neighborhood. It was built in the 1870’s as a single family home with servants’ quarters in the basement. It is now divided into three units. There were three buildings built...

May 2012 member’s property

Rental Properties of CDARPO member, Ray Koloski 204 2nd Avenue, Lansingburgh 206 2nd Avenue, Lansingburgh We are establishing a gallery of photogenic rental properties owned by CDARPO members. As the interim Editor, I decided the first items in the gallery would be my two Victorian properties in...